February 26th – March 26
Love Beyond Degree
        …How Jesus Saves Us All
During the season of Lent, our minds and hearts turn toward the story of Jesus and how he came from God on a mission of mercy, giving away his life on behalf of the world. Over centuries of reflection, the Church has developed a remarkably rich vocabulary to talk about what the death of Jesus means as a work of God in the world. Join us for worship, online or in person, during the season of Lent as we take a look at five different ways of interpreting the divine mystery of redemption. Together we will explore the scriptures, meet interesting figures from church history, and – most importantly – worship and adore Christ who demonstrated “amazing pity, grace unknown, and love beyond degree.”  
Please join us each Sunday beginning February 26 through March 20th for the 2023 Lenten Sermon Series.